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Sea Change

Helen LeaskComment

This weekend Margate played host to a number of remarkable arts events, including the 'Space Interrupted' exhibition at Limbo and the rather brilliant 'Blushing Pavilion' installation, a collaboration between architect Studio Sam Causer and Colombian Artists Vividero Colectivo.

My personal highlight was the 'Sea Change: Entrepreneurial Journeys' talks, hosted by- and marking the pre-launch of- the Resort Studios' new Creative Hub.  The intention was to showcase "Margate’s place in the entrepreneurial journey of local and national creative start-ups."  It was truly inspiring.

The title was apt: Sea change means "a profound or notable transformation," a term that originally appeared in Shakespeare's 'The Tempest', and is often used to mean a metamorphosis or alteration.  This encapsulates Margate's culture-led coastal regeneration, as the town is becoming increasingly popular for those in the creative sector looking for a new unencumbered way of working.  I am excited to be a very tiny part of this.

The speakers, Stephen Bass (founder of the incredible record label Moshi Moshi Music); Zoe Murphy (a really rather talented lady who was selling her screen printed furniture to Liberty in her early twenties); Emrys Plant (Resort founding member, Canterbury Christ Church University lecturer and founder of clothing label Crowther/Plant); and Dom Bridges (the founder of the very brilliant Haeckels wild fragrance and skincare brand), were united in their humility.  Common to all talks was the simple mantra of how honesty and integrity is the foundation of their success, alongside an ethical entrepreneurial spirit spurred by hard work, perseverance and dedication to an ideology.  All four speakers were connected in their commitment to excellence and the enjoyment of what they do.  And they do it very well indeed.

This well spent afternoon reminded me once again of what attracted me to this wonderful town, and how it continues to inspire me everyday. Margate is full of many such businesses, entrepreneurs and creatively brilliant people.  It is hard not to be motivated by it.